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I am Spencer Rich, founder and CEO of enrichfit GYM. I have over 20 years experience as a personal trainer and coach, holding 6 national certifications. I specialize in fat loss, muscle gain, nutrition, supplement recommendation, injury rehabilitation, sports performance, competitive bodybuilding, and more. I know through the right science based education, motivation, and accountability, I can change anybody's quality of life and I am eager to prove it to you.

"You only have one life to live. Everybody deserves to look and feel their best during their life's journey."

- Coach Spencer

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"Despite some poor tattoo choices, Spencer Rich is one of the finest trainers I've had the pleasure to be made sore by. His approach is thoughtful, calm, clear, and extremely effective. He easily translates his vast knowledge of how muscles/body work into practical and creative programs that'll leave one breathless and invigorated. I highly recommended working with him. He also has great breath."


Joel McHale - American actor, comedian, and television presenter

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